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I am a Certified Business Intermediary in Tampa Bay Florida. Since 1995, I have helped folks buy and sell businesses, including franchises, Medical Practices, Healthcare, Restaurants, Bars, Manufacturing, Distribution, and all other types of Small, Mom & Pop, Main Street Businesses. If you are local to Tampa Bay or want to live here, we can assist you in buying or selling a Businesses in Florida. With just a few clicks, you can view 700+ Tampa Bay Area Business for sale listings. You can also Search over 3,000 business for sale listings in Florida. We have Businesses for sale in Tampa Bay that have had $250k + of Adjusted Net and over 100 Tampa Bay Florida Restaurants for sale listings. Let us automate your Business for Sale search for you, register as a buyer and be among the first to receive new Business for sale listing alerts via e-mail. You can search for Franchised Business that are already open and established, new Franchises or Re-Sales. Are you thinking about selling your business and wondering how much businesses like yours are selling for? You can get a free Sold Business / Valuation report of what Florida businesses have recently sold for by business type. You can use this information to decide if you really want to sell your business at this time or to see how the business you are about to purchase compares to other businesses. You can also search our Data Base of Business Buyers, let us know if we have a buyer that matches your business.  Learn abouSBA loans and financing goodwill. Find Florida businesses for sale that already have SBA financing in place. Find Business that qualify for and receive information on E-2 and L-1 Visa's. Learn how you can use your 401k or IRA to buy a business or Franchise without Tax and Penalties.

Besides Main Street Small Business Brokerage, we also can help with, Franchise Re-sales, Medical Practice Brokerage and Health Care related Businesses for sale.


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